| 16 October 2021

More capacity, more opportunities: Hong Kong’s i-DATA closes the connectivity gap with Ciena

i-DATA provides cost-effective and reliable telecommunication solutions including data centre Interconnect (DCI), agility access to cloud applications, as well as a flexible and price competitive DIA platform, to meet the increasing demand of data services in Hong Kong. i-DATA’s ring protected backbone network enables their customers have a guaranteed value-for-money service with a low failure rate. By selecting Ciena’s Waveserver Ai, i-DATA can use multi-ring topology to construct its core network.

In one of the fastest-paced regions in the world, Asia is well-known for technology, innovation, and digital trends. Nearly two billion people in Asia have internet access which is nearly half of the world’s population and of the 35 countries comprising the region, Hong Kong rises to the top as one of the most connected Asian nations and regions with 91.2% of the population accessing the internet according to Statista.

With the incredible rise of OTT, video and cloud content, end users are relying on connectivity for a variety of needs ranging from cloud-based applications for remote work and education, online gaming, and streaming the latest TV shows and movies. To meet the increasing demand, i-DATA is investing in its network to deliver more seamless connectivity service to enable data center providers, mobile operators and cloud service providers to deliver services to the end users more easily and cost effectively.

“Hong Kong is an important international data center hub for on-demand content and cloud-based services. Our customers want unrivaled connectivity and the fastest speed possible,” said Mr. Chan Wai Man, Director, i-DATA Company Limited. “As an industry leader in Data Center Interconnect, we selected Ciena to deploy next generation 100G+ high bandwidth connectivity services in several data centers.”

i-DATA has deployed Ciena’s Waveserver Ai to maximize fiber assets and lay the foundation for a more scalable and programmable network. Addressing density and power requirements while delivering unmatched capacity, Ciena offers i-DATA the scalability needs to satisfy some of the largest interconnect requirements in Hong Kong.

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