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i-DATA, a wholly owned subsidiary company of i-CABLE, was formed in 2021 to meet the rising demand for data service. We aim to simplify complex connectivity challenges to provide cost-effective and cost-efficient solutions to enable your business success.

i-CABLE Communications Limited (stock code 1097.HK) is an integrated telecommunication services provider in Hong Kong. We serve one of the largest and most influential TV audience and communications service user bases in town.


The Group owns and operates one of the near-universal wireline telecommunications networks in Hong Kong, over which we provide television, broadband, telecommunications and multi-media services to over two million households.

The Group is the first paid television operator in Hong Kong. It is also one of the largest producer of television, film and multi-media content for distribution in conventional and new media, with a concentration on news, sports and infotainment.

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Smart City in GBA &
South East Asia

Mission and Vision

i-DATA aspires to be the key Smart City Enabler in the Great Bay Area and South East Asia.

Cost effective

Provide cost effective and flexibility Internet service

High bandwidth

Facilitate high bandwidth inter data center connections with low cost

Support 5G deployment with wide scale fiber-optic network

Cloud applications

Ensure high accessibility to Cloud applications


Reinforce Hong Kong position as an international telecom hub

Our Advantage

Wide Scale Fiber Network Coverage

Civil Duct Length

~1,300 km

Fiber Length

> 3,000km

Fiber Core Length

> 150,000 km
core meter

Underground jointbox


Highly Reliable

We use multi-ring topology to construct our core network. All our services are provided in a simple, reliable and with diversity environment. That means we guarantee our customers an exceptional value-for-money service with a low failure rate.

Cost Effective

We can offer you extremely cost-effective solutions because of further utilizing our existing infrastructure of CATV Hybrid fiber coaxial network. As part of our optic network is built along the TV network trunk , it has a great synergy to develop and expand the fiber coverage. Hence, construction costs are greatly streamlined which in turns benefits our customers in terms of more cost-effective solutions.

Network & Service

Network Infrastructure

Fiber optic (glass or polymer) network enables users to overcome the limitations of traditional copper cable communications networks. It also support ultra broadband and low latency communications.

Latency, the speed at which communications take place, is an important parameter for the networks of the future. Low latency network facilitates rapid data transfer hence enabling self-driven AI systems for cars or drones.

Our integrated transport and data network is one of the most secure and advanced network in Hong Kong. We leverage on the latest Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM), and IP technologies. This technology enables i-DATA fiber-optic network to provide a platform that delivers comprehensive range of bandwidth services including dedicated bandwidth fiber, optical wavelength, and protected transport high bandwidth services such as 100G /10G layer 1 connectivity service. By using Fiber to the X (FTTx) and Metro Ethernet (ME) technologies, up to 10Gbps Ethernet link services are being provided.

Network and Services Strength

Ring Protected Backbone Network
A protected backbone ring service promises customers the freedom to choose branch-out points. We are able to support the customers who wish to build a sizable private telecommunications network. i-DATA will tailor make cost-effective and high-performing network based on their specific requirements. Our professional engineering team will design, implement and manage the project as well as subsequent network operations and management for you. This infrastructure requires less time, planning resources and an upfront investment compared to the self-built option.

Professional Service

  • Good fiber network coverage infrastructure is ready for Data Center Connectivity (DCI) and Dedicated Internet Access Line (DIA) expansion
  • The provision of one-stop service including provision of internet and peer-to-peer connections
  • Professional technical staff with extensive experience on network and operations

High Reliability

  • Our network and services strength lies on our extensive service coverage over commercial areas, residential areas and major data centers in Hong Kong
  • Direct Peering with major IX, cloud and content providers enables our diversity route configuration and fault-tolerant design. These technology ensures that our uninterrupted network is available for our customer’s mission-critical business applications

Customized Solution

  • We partner with renowned hardware manufactories to provide flexible and innovative network solutions to meet your ever changing business needs

7x24 Surveillance

  • Real time network monitoring and support is provided by our 7x24 Network Operation Center and a team of highly professional engineers and network experts. We promise you world-class, seamless and transparent end-to-end network management service by upholding our industry-leading service standard.

Data Center Interconnect (DCI)

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Data Center Interconnect (DCI)

Data Center Interconnect (DCI) is important for enterprises and operators looking to meet rapidly expanding demand for cloud-based services and data. This service connects two or more data centers together over short, medium or long distances using high-speed packet-optical connectivity.

i-DATA’s DCI solutions leverage on field-proven coherent optical processing technology to process mission-critical traffic.

Benefits of DCI

  • High-speed, direct connection between data centers, customers and cloud providers
  • High scalability to meet the growing bandwidth needs of the most demanding cloud and over-the-top applications and data services
  • Supported by a protected fiber ring infrastructure, DCI has reliable, low latency and fast deployment features
  • 24/7 management and monitoring

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

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Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

Some businesses, especially banks and securities companies, require direct, real-time Internet connections with promising security. i-DATA can provide reliable, secure connectivity in turn allowing our customers to have better control, higher security and more cost savings network solutions.

Benefits of DIA

  • Dedicated and symmetrical bandwidth fitting for all kinds of applications and business to provide higher flexibility in deciding how to allocate workloads
  • Able to customize international and local bandwidth ratio to meet the customer needs.
  • Stable and secure internet access by dedicated circuit connects to your LAN/WAN and Internet through i-DATA fibre network
  • 24/7 closely monitoring

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Dark Fiber

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Dark Fiber

A dark fiber is an unused optical fiber available for use in fiber-optic communication. Dark fiber originally refers to the potential network capacity of telecommunication infrastructure.

Dark fiber provides reliable, fast and affordable integration for partners and customers.

Benefits of Dark Fiber

  • Bandwidth scalability gives you maximum control and flexibility over your network, allowing your network to scale-up as your bandwidth requirements grow – providing virtually limitless capacity.
  • Privacy & Security by dedicated network to your business without sharing any devices.
  • Improve latency by direct connection between two locations, between branches, data centers or buildings.
  • Less dependency on fiber optic providers for your linked connection.

IT Outsourcing Service

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IT Outsourcing Service

Traditionally, enterprises hired network teams that traveled from site to site, solving interruptions in connectivity, overseeing any infrastructure changes and malfunction of IT devices. That model is increasingly being replaced by IT outsourcing service providers that dedicate field engineers for providing rapid and cost effective on-site network and IT support. These outsourced field engineers are available at any time to provide technical support, freeing up enterprise employees to focus on core business objectives. IT outsourcing service can help grow your business, save you money, increase efficiency and keep up with the latest technology, through rapid on-site support, remote management, system support and troubleshooting of your network equipment.

Among HK, i-DATA provides high quality network services to below districts.

Latest News & Updates

16th October 2021

More capacity, more opportunities: Hong Kong’s i-DATA closes the connectivity gap with Ciena

i-DATA provides cost-effective and reliable telecommunication solutions including data centre Interconnect (DCI), agility access to cloud applications, as well as a flexible and price competitive DIA platform, to meet the increasing demand of data services in Hong Kong.

19th August 2021

i-DATA and NTT announce strategic alliance to address the evolving network demands of Hong Kong enterprises

i-DATA, a wholly owned subsidiary company of i-CABLE Communications Limited, a Hong Kong leading internet and pay-TV service provider, and NTT Ltd., a global technology and business solutions provider, today announced the signing of a strategic alliance, addressing......

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